Let me just start off by being super honest with you by saying that one, I’m so incredibly excited, and two, that I am so humbled and honored by the fact that you might allow me to do the deeply important work of telling your story.

If you are at this point, my hope is that you have seen some of what I do on Instagram or Facebook,  or looked through my portfolio on this website, and that you are so deeply in love with the way that I photograph lives that you want your story told by me. If all of that is true, I am so over-the-moon excited to work with you. However, the way that I photograph lives truly only works if you whole-heartedly trust me and how I work.

My mission is to document life in such a way that you can look at these images and remember where you’ve been, what you’ve endured, and to tell your story to the generations to come. Over the years, I’ve found that when posing my clients, I was only able to tell the story of what they looked like at that time. The work that I was doing was shallow and only scratching the surface of the story that lay beneath. That is why I moved away from portrait photography and back to my roots- photojournalism or documentary photography, where I stopped posing my clients.

Now, you are probably thinking something along the lines of, “if you don’t pose us, how are we going to know what to do??” Right now the idea may seem daunting, but trust me when I tell you that it’s actually easier. As you’ll find from reading through this today, I do a ton of prep work for each and every session so that I can truly know you. This allows us to work together to not only document your life as honestly as possible, but to also structure your session in such a way that you just have to live your life (which is what we are documenting) and I will just be a silent observer, telling your story. I often say in a session that “you are just going to live, and I’m going to be your personal paparazzi for a few hours!”

At this point, if you are completely on board with this, then contact me now to book your documentary session! However, if you have any questions about how this works or what it looks like, please continue to read through the information on this page, or send me an email with any and all questions. I am more than happy to share why I do what I do and how, but please know that I will not try to force you into working with me if I am truly not the best fit for you (and I won’t be offended).

“Now,” you ask, “what information will we find on this page?” Let me tell you! Keep on scrolling to find:

  • A link to get a special quiz emailed to you that will help you decide what you NEED to have photographed in your life,
  • Some words about investment + pricing for the different types of documentary services that I offer,
  • Links to some helpful + informational articles that I’ve written,
  • And finally, some frequently asked questions.


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What Should We Document?

One of the first questions and hesitations that I encounter from people is this: "But what about my life is worthy of being professionally photographed?" My immediate answer would be that EVERYTHING is worthy, but that's not exactly practical or something that we can easily photograph. Although I believe that every moment and life is precious, I've got a little quiz that will help you to recognize what you already cherish about your life right now, and what would be the perfect thing to have me document for you.



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Photographs have this magical ability to freeze time. They bear witness to everything happening in that moment. This simple visual documentation allows us to revisit those moments that we have deemed valuable and to share the stories that they hold with people who weren’t there.

These truths about photographs is what makes the art more than a monetary investment, but more importantly an investment in the history of your family. Honestly, photographs will outlive us. They will continue to bear witness to us and our lives long after we have left this earth. This is why I choose to invest in the people that invite me into their lives, because I work in the business of preserving legacies, and that’s priceless.


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Frequently Asked Questions

What should I wear?

Wear the clothing that you would normally wear- that’s the simple answer, but it’s so true. My goal is to document you in the most organic and accurate way, so when it comes to clothing, my biggest suggestion is to not overthink it. Unless you coordinate outfits with your family every day, I recommend to not have matching outfits for our session. Your family (or you + and your love) fit together and match so well even when you don’t have matching outfits, and isn’t that the most honest version of you?

My final recommendation: wear clothing that you love, that you feel good in, and that you would normally wear in the context of what we will be photographing.

Can I have posed photographs, too?

No, but let me explain why. When you hire me, you are asking me to use photographs and video to tell the story of your life. To do this in the most honest way, I usually need to be a very silent observer so that I do not intrude on or interrupt life as it happens. If we added in the element of posed portraits, that interrupts the natural sequence of life that we are working so hard to preserve and disrupts the organic flow of our session together.

Remember, the goal of a session with me is not to get perfectly posed photographs that only show what you look like in that moment, but rather to contribute to your family history with images that are full of life, love, connection, and YOU.

Does our session have to be in our house?

Absolutely not! While in-home sessions are at the very top of my “favorites” list, you live so much life outside of your home too. I’ve done sessions at the zoo, at the park, at botanical gardens, at a picnic, at the farmers market, and even at Coney I-Lander- and those are definitely not the only places that we could photograph you living your life. If you are not sure of where your session should take place, click here and I’ll send you a quiz that will help you figure that out!

However, if you are considering an in-home session, but have some hesitations, I would love to talk to you. The reason that I love in-home sessions so much is because it is your safe space that you live with the people that you are the closest to. Not only will we make images that scream YOU, but they will be in your home, which is a wonderful extension of you.

Also, if you want an in-home session, but are concerned about how your home will photograph, I want you to know that I am an expert at finding beauty in all situations. I don’t focus in on the lived-in state of your home, but rather the joy that is shared and held within the walls. Additionally, if you are wanting an in-home session, but don’t feel like your house is “ready,” I highly recommend my dear friends Ashley + Ashley of Retro Den who “help people style their homes into the spaces they’ve always wanted.”


A signed contract and model release are required for all sessions.

A la carte prints are available with prints beginning at $6.00 for 4×6. All collections & prints are subject to state sales tax. High resolution files are not available for individual purchase.

All session + product rates are subject to change at any time. In fairness to all clients, all rates are non-negotiable.

There is a non-refundable, 25% retainer due at the time of booking. Should illness or other unforeseen circumstance occur, please contact me as soon as possible to reschedule. Your retainer may only be applied once towards another session date. Sessions are not cancelled due to light rain or snow.

Travel fee will apply for a location further than 40 miles from 74114.


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